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Westlake HVAC ContractorWhen you need Air Conditioning installation or repair, trust the experts at Design Air Heating & Cooling. We are Westlake’s number one source for residential and commercial air conditioning. We custom design AC Units to fit any space large or small. Your Westlake HVAC Contractor provides superior customer service and only use first products by reputable brand name manufacturers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Choose our Cleveland Heating Company. We know air!

Heating & Cooling costs are on the rise. Homeowners are feeling the pinch of high energy bills. Design Air Heating & Cooling can help you cut your energy bill in half with our broad range of air condition solutions. We have been business for over a decade and understand your family’s home heating & cooling needs. Our products range from air purification systems to air conditioner installations, repairs, and maintenance. We also provide home security inspections which eliminate drafts and air leakage in your home.


Westlake Heating Contractor

If you notice that your Heating System is running all the time it could be that drafts are leaking in or out of your home causing your Furnace to work twice as hard. This puts needless wear and tear on your Heating System reducing its lifespan. It also causes your energy bill to skyrocket and adds to the needless expenses associated with keeping your home warm. Let the team of professionals at Design Air Heating & Cooling properly inspect your home for air leaks and seal up your home from drafts. You’ll instantly notice the difference. If you ever need Heating Repairs in Westlake just give us a call.


Westlake Air Conditioning Contractor

When AC repairs are not enough and you need to invest in a new air condition system, then call the certified experts at Design Air Heating & Cooling. We insure that your new AC Unit is custom designed, delivered straight to your home and properly installed with fast, reliable service. When only the best will do for your family’s comfort, let our experienced team do the work for you. We handle AC Installations according the manufacturers specifications to insure that it’s done right the first time. The moment you turn on your new air conditioner you’ll notice instant comfort, savings on your utility bill, and you’ll sleep at night knowing that your new AC will come through for you when it counts!


Breathe Easier with Purified Air

Design Air Heating & Cooling goes above and beyond by offering air purification systems that beat the competition. Our Air Cleaning Systems include humidifiers, air cleaners, and heat ventilators. These quality products can rid 98% of the harmful particles in your home’s air allowing you and your family to breathe easier. Say good bye to harmful allergens and mold residue. Live healthy!


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