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Heat Ventilators ClevelandDesign Air Heating & Cooling has been providing clean air for homes in Cleveland for many years. We are the clean authority. We provide a broad range of quality products and services designed to make your home a safe environment for your family to breathe in. During the winter we recommend Heat Recovery Ventilators. They serve a number of practical functions, are easy to install, and very affordable.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) are recommended for colder climates such as Cleveland where the fall and winter seasons are extended. A home heat-recovery ventilator utilizes two separate blowers to circulate incoming fresh and outgoing contaminated air. The heat-exchange core transfers heat into clean air without combining the two airstreams. The damper automatically stops cold air for defrosting.

As building efficiency becomes progressively better with insulation and weather stripping, buildings are created to be more airtight, and subsequently less well ventilated. Since all homes need a source of fresh air, the need for HRVs is evident. While opening a window does offer good ventilation, a home’s heat and humidity will be sucked out in the winter and unwelcome during the summer. This is less than desirable for climate control and heating & air efficiency.


Save On Your Energy Bill

Heat Recovery Ventilators bring in clean air to a home improving climate control and providing efficient energy use. Your home’s Air Conditioning Unit will run more smoothly with a constant flow of clean air. A Heat Recovery Ventilator combined with changing out your AC filters on a regular basis will give your system the clean air that it needs.


Flexible HRV Installation

HRVs can stand-alone and operate independently or they can be supplementary to A/C systems. For a home where nearly all rooms contain an exterior wall, the ventilator can be small and offer ventilation for a one room. A larger home may necessitate a larger central unit. The only conditions are an air supply and an energy supply to properly circulate the air, such as wind energy or electricity for fans and electronic control system.


Our Promise

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