Cleveland Furnaces Beat The Winter Chill

Furnaces ClevelandCleveland winters are harsh! As winter approaches, it is vital that your furnace works dependably and efficiently in order to keep your family warm through freezing temperatures. Will your furnace last another winter? Now is the time to have your home’s furnace inspected by a professional before the cold season approaches. Design Air Heating & Cooling is Cleveland’s most dependable furnace inspection, repair, and installation provider.

Your Cleveland Heating contractor will clean your furnace and ensure that it is working properly. He will also recommend components that need to be serviced or replaced. We also professionally install high quality long-lasting furnaces to suit your home. Contact us for a list of brands that we offer and how we can meet your specific needs. Don’t live through another cold hard winter outside your home – or inside! Contact us for Furnace Repairs today!


Benefits of a Brand New Furnace

Need anew furnace upgrade? Modern furnaces use 30% less fuel than old worn out furnaces. If you are looking to install a new furnace a high energy model is right for you. With the increased costs of natural gas, selecting a heating system that will reduce your future energy bill is one of the smartest investments you can make.

In addition to cost, new models are much quieter than older furnaces. They distribute more even heating and maintain the same temperature at more consistent levels. While it is essential to set up a unit with the proper heating capacity, highly-efficient furnace can have a lower BTU rating than one that is less efficient machine and still perform as well.

Newer furnace models also recycle cleaner air in your home. As furnaces get older they distribute dirtier air in every room throughout the house. This is the same air that you, your family, and even your pets breathe. Dirty particles in the air causes health and breathing problems and can aggravate allergies & asthma.


Your Most Trusted Furnace Installation & Repair Professionals

Whether you are looking to get your old furnace repaired, need routine maintenance, or are in need of Furnace Installations, Design Air Heating & Cooling is your number one source for all your heating needs. We provide superior customer service and excellent name brand products for homeowner all across the Cleveland area. We understand that your family’s security and comfort are important to you. Our Cleveland Furnaces work hard for your satisfaction.


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