Dependable Air Sealing Services in Cleveland

Air Sealing ClevelandDesign Air Heating & Cooling are your home insulation professionals. We have over 10 years of comprehensive experience ranging from air purification to AC and Furnace repair and maintenance to AC installation. We know air!

This is why smart homeowners contact us when they need their home checked for air leaks, drafts and other air sealing services. We do a thorough inspection of your home and locate every key area where air is invading your home and costing you money.

Design Air Heating & Cooling professionals are certified, skilled and experienced. We know where every vulnerable spot is in your home for air to leak through. We perform a detailed assessment of the following areas of your home:

  • Ceilings. We make insure your drywall is properly sealed. We also check for cracks, holes, and any damage.
  • Plumbing. The access areas of your plumbing may be too loose or the holes too big for the pipes
  • Recessed Lights. Recessed lights are often install improperly with gaps in access hole.
  • Outlets & Switches. Drafts can often creep in through your electric outlets.
  • Attic Door. Does your attic door close all the way without allowing air leakage?
  • Window Frames. This is one of the most common entry points for drafts. This is especially true for older homes and window frames.
  • Door Frames. A huge factor in controlling air flow in your home.
  • Duct Work. A Common culprit. Duct work needs to be routine checked. For loose attachments and any damage.

We also check areas which are easily overlooked such as still plates, Furnace flues, Chimney access areas and still plates.


Save Money with an Air Tight Home

Outside air enters a home freely through cracks and openings. A home free of pesky drafts can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs, improve your home’s structure and longevity, and provides a healthier atmosphere for you and your family.

Naturally ventilating your home is not practical. During the long winter months, too much air penetrates the house. Air flow is greatly diminished and the humidity is much higher during the hot summer. Natural air creates a moist environment. Moldy and dusty air, which often leaks in through the attic or the basement can be unhealthy and trigger allergies or asthmatic episodes.

Contact your local Cleveland HVAC Contractor to set up a thorough inspection of your home. We will identify the key areas where your home needs to be sealed. Save yourself hundreds on your energy bill and improve the indoor air quality of your home with Design Air Heating & Cooling!


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