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Cleveland Air CleanersAir cleaners are the ideal solution to restore the indoor air quality for any room in your home. Air Cleaners purify the dirty air in your home and reduces tiny pollutants and contaminants that irritate your eyes, and sinuses, helping you breathe easier. They drastically reduce the hazardous effects of airborne pollutants by trapping particles as small as .01 microns. They are far more effective than A/C filters, and they are easier to clean and maintain.

By eliminating certain types of air pollutants, you decrease your risk for heart disease.

Vehicle and factory dust is an urban reality. Air pollution contains numerous tiny particles that most Cleveland Citizens are aware of. When we inhale particles, we increase our heart rate and blood pressure. HEPA filters are very effective at removing unhealthy dust particles from the air. This is especially true in rooms where there are wood stoves and fire places, or rooms in which the window is open throughout the day. To get the most of your HEPA air filter, it is essential to invest in a filter that’s the idea size for your home or room.


Discover the Benefits of HEPA Air Cleaners

Ninety-nine percent of particles in the air are invisible. Typical air filters capture less than 1% of those tiny particles, allowing them to circulate in your home again and again. A Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner system will provide you with the cleanest air in your home. It collects 99.97% of particles in the air. This consists of cat dander, bacteria, springtime pollen and other substances. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particle Arresting, which is the standard that achieves 99.9% air filtration. A Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner supplies powerful, 3-stage filtration which provides the cleanest air possible throughout your home.


Air Purification Made Easy

With an air cleaner you simply remove the unit’s cells, wash with a mild soap solution, rinse, dry, and replace back into the unit. That’s it! An electronic air filtration system will improve your entire system’s efficiency by minimizing dirt and dust build-up on the system’s parts. Watch your power bill drop! A clean heating & cooling system will last longer and run in peak condition saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance.


Your Clean Air Professionals

Homeowners all across Cleveland and the surrounding Ohio area depend on Design Air Heating & Cooling for all their air purification needs. We carry a wide selection of air cleaners and heat ventilators, and also take care of all your repair and installation needs. Whether it’s heating or cooling, regardless of the issue, we can take care of it. Your Cleveland HVAC Contractor offers hassle-free free service that you can depend on every time.


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