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Avon Lake HVAC ContractorYou know the value of a quality air conditioner. You also know the headache of an air conditioner in poor condition. One brings peace of mind. The other brings daily stress. When it’s time to replace or repair your AC Unit, you want a Avon Lake HVAC Contractor you can trust. You want experience. You also want a company that is hassle-free.

This is why homeowners in Avon Lake choose our Cleveland Heating Contractors. When you want the best, Design Air Heating & Cooling is here to serve you and your family. We take the stress and worry out of air conditioning.


Avon Lake Heating Contractor

Design Air Heating & Cooling offers a number of Heating services. We assess your homes furnace and provide routine maintenance or make vital repairs that keep your home’s unit running at top performance for years to come. Most Heating Repairs are easily and quickly performed and we’re on our way. Turn on your system and continue living in comfort! Even major repairs can be taken care of in a way is convenient and affordable for you. Remember, a properly running heating system takes care of your family and lowers your power bill every month.


Avon Lake Air Conditioning Contractor

If a new AC installation is what you need than look no further. Our quality products are the best in the industry and we meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. When are job is complete, your home’s new air conditioner will be quiet, efficient, and last a long time. Our work is guaranteed! Whether you house is large, small, two-story or single floor, we can install the right air conditioning unit that is just right for you.


Avon Lake Air Cleaners

Also check out our home inspection and air purification services and products. We can seal your home from the drafts and leaks that make your air conditioner work harder than it has to. Our humidifiers clear the air and help you breathe easier!

There are so many factors that affect you energy bill every month. Design Air Heating & Cooling knows every one of them. Air leaks, poorly running or broken Air Conditioners & Heaters, Loosely connected air duct systems, poor air conditions – the list goes on. By the time all of these problems add up, you’re paying 3 times the normal amount on your energy bill and wasting hundred of dollars. Every one of our solutions substantially saves you money. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to see how we can help you!


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