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Whole-House Humidifier – Will You Really Notice A Difference?

The great debate continues – is a whole-house humidifier worth it? Ask anyone who already has one and you are bound to hear a resounding “Yes!”

Yet it is wise, as both a homeowner and a consumer, to be cautious about making decisions like this. All the more reason to learn more about this system, and about how it can help you and your family.

How it Functions & Helps

The first thing to do is clarify that a humidifier is useful all year long, not just during the winter months. So what does it do and how can it help?

Simply put, a humidifier puts moisture back into the air. By introducing this water vapor into your space, it increases the level of humidity and prevents dry air. While dry air is a more prevalent of a problem during winter when the heating system is in use, keeping a healthy amount of humidity in the air, all year long, is beneficial, for a number of reasons.

Getting sick during winter in Cleveland is a given. What you want to try to avoid is spreading disease through the home and making every member of your household sick. Viruses have a much harder time traveling through moist air, as opposed to arid conditions.

When you do end up sick with a cold, or even allergies, moist air helps relieve your sinuses. Your mucus membranes dry out, making the whole experience that much more unpleasant. You’ll feel better, and be able to reduce your healing time, too.

Moist air is also more likely to help to alleviate snoring. That makes things better for both the person suffering with snoring, and the other people trying to sleep at night in the same household. If it doesn’t stop it completely, it tends to reduce the severity and the amount.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t settle for less than the best, when it comes to getting service for your indoor air quality, such as a whole-house humidifier. At Design Air Heating & Cooling, we make sure that all of your questions are answered, so you are confident about the choice you make. Stop living with poor air quality when we can help rectify the problem for you.

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